Annie C. Smith

October 2, 2023

{r setup, include=FALSE} knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE) ## geodiv 0.1.0

Initial release of geodiv to CRAN.

geodiv 0.1.1

Updated sfd.cpp to fix an installation issue. Changed to use ‘std::floor()’ instead of ‘double floor(double).’ Decreased version requirement for parallel.

geodiv 0.2.0

Added a vignette that shows more complex examples and demonstrates the correlation among metrics. Fixed a new issue with NA autocorrelation images in the scl function.

geodiv 1.0.0

Added an alternative function for applying focal metrics to create a texture image (focal_metrics), added the vignette with example uses and figures demonstrating relationships among metrics to the R package, fixed several minor bugs resulting in erroneous warnings in most metric functions (issues with checking input classes), and increased the speed of the ‘std’ and ‘srw’ functions.

Additionally, the ‘texture_image’ function no longer requires a projection as input, and will not reproject any rasters. Users should now reproject rasters on their own and then apply the function.

geodiv 1.0.1

Fixed a minor bug in the ‘texture_image’ and ‘pad_edges’ functions. Added text to clarify the vignette objectives. Fixed a small error in the DESCRIPTION.

geodiv 1.0.2

Fixed errors in function descriptions and examples. Simplified the vignette.

geodiv 1.0.3

Added a longer timeout option before the download.file arguments in the vignette.

geodiv 1.0.4

Added a tryCatch so that download.file in the vignette fails gracefully.

geodiv 1.0.5

Fixed a bug where length() did not omit NAs, but mean, min, and max calculations did. This affects the Sa, Ssk, and Sku functions. Additionally, class checks have been updated to use “inherits()” rather than if statements.

geodiv 1.1.0

Removed dependencies on raster, rgdal, rgeos, sp, maptools, snow, and landscapemetrics. Converted all raster and vector functions to use terra and sf. Also fixed a bug in sfd that returned NaNs.