fairadapt 0.2.7

Non-breaking changes: - fix vignette compile issues on Debian

fairadapt 0.2.6

Non-breaking changes: - update of the printing methods

fairadapt 0.2.5

Non-breaking changes: - remove reliance on deprecated ggplot2 functionality

fairadapt 0.2.2

Non-breaking changes: -Addition of fairadaptBoot() functionality, which allows for bootstrap repetitions of the adaptation procedure performed by fairadapt() (used for uncertainty quantification) - adding print() and summary() methods for all the exported S3 classes in the package - improving the documentation for the quantile computation functions

fairadapt 0.2.1

Non-breaking changes: - fairTwins() now has a default train.id of seq_len(nrow(x$train)) (previous default was 1L) - print.fairadapt() has been changed to print the “Formula”, not the “Call” (previously incorrect)

fairadapt 0.2.0

Breaking changes: - protect.A argument renamed to prot.attr - argument ordering changed; prot.attr moved to position number two, adj.mat argument moved to position three

Non-breaking changes: - top.ord argument introduced, for running adaptation with topological ordering, without the need for adj.mat - quant.method argument now a function, allowing for custom user quantile regression methods (via S3 dispatch) - visualize.graph argument available for plotting the causal diagram