To document how a developer would add support for additional db driver


  1. Add driver to supported_drivers vector in supported_drivers() function. Name should be the package that contains any driver functions you need. If end-users don’t have this package installed when trying to connect to this DBtype they will be prompted to install it. Only use CRAN packages please!

  2. Add user-facing UI to utils_database_get_driver_specific_config_properties function. If you need new params that arent already the config_list this function returns, make sure to add a default to this property (e.g. NULL that will be used for all other drivers). Take a read of the function - hopefully where you need to insert new code should be pretty obvious

  3. If new config properties added: edit utils_database_write_yaml() - adding new args for each added configuration variables. Then edit call to utils_database_write_yaml() in utils_database_get_or_set_config function to pass the values provided by user to the function that actually writes it to config yaml.

  4. Add else if entry to bottom of easydb_connect that creates a connection object (usually using DBI::dbConnect but can be any function. use config$<config_var> to acccess yaml config fields and creds$username and creds$password to access user creds from cred manager. Store connection object in var connection (this is what the function will return to user).

  5. Add the driver packages to list of Suggests in DESCRIPTION file

  6. Add example usage to readme