Version 0.3.2 submitted to CRAN 20231207

Version 0.3.1 submitted to CRAN 20220704

Version 0.3.0 submitted to CRAN 20200111

Bug Fixes: - alluvial_wide() now works when all columns are character columns

Version 0.2.3 submitted to CRAN

Bug Fixes: - compatibility with dplyr 1.0.0

New features: - pkgdown website

Version 0.2.1 submitted to CRAN 20190917

Bug Fixes: - compatibility with tidyr 1.0.0 - compatibility with ggalluvial 0.10.0 - alluvial_model_response() had issues with factors which is now fixed

Version 0.2.0 submitted to CRAN 20190331

Minor changes: - Default plotting colours have been improved - for alluvial_wide() stratum fill color of variable determining flow is now matched with flow color - parameter_label_size allows to adjust the label fint size, as a result label size has been slightly increased

New features: - marginal histograms - alluvial flavoured partial dependency and model response alluvial plots - new datasets mtcars2, quarterly_sunspots

Bug Fixes: - Compatibility with recipes 0.1.5 - NA values in numerical columns are excepted - correct ggplot2 and ggalluvial versions added as dependencies - p$data_key does not contain columns with empty levels anymore - better support for numerical variables for alluvial_long()

Version: 0.1.8, submitted to CRAN 20190115

20181812 0.1.7

CRAN released

20181118 0.0.1

CRAN submission