cowplot 1.1.3

cowplot 1.1.2

cowplot 1.1.1

cowplot 1.1.0

cowplot 1.0.0

Breaking changes

In many ways, cowplot now behaves more appropriately and plays nicer with the R environment and other R packages. However, this means that several breaking changes were introduced:

Other breaking changes: - The defaults for save_plot() were changed somewhat. This may require adjustment if you have code depending on it.

New features

Minor changes

cowplot 0.9.4

cowplot 0.9.3

cowplot 0.9.2

cowplot 0.9.1

cowplot 0.9.0

cowplot 0.8.0

cowplot 0.7.0

cowplot 0.6.3

cowplot 0.6.2

cowplot 0.6.1

cowplot 0.6.0

Major changes: - Now requires ggplot2 version 2.0.0 or higher. Use cowplot 0.5.0 with older versions of ggplot2. - Because of the dependency on ggplot2 2.0.0, the default design is changed. No more bold face for axis labels - Add auto-generation of labels in plot_grid() - Add vignettes describing plot annotations and shared legends among plots

cowplot 0.5.0

Major changes: - Fix label positioning in plot_grid() so it is not affected by the scale parameter - Add draw_label() function which can draw both text and plotmath expressions - Add parameters hjust and vjust to plot_grid() to allow fine-tuning of label position - Add annotations underneath plot, via add_sub() function

Other changes: - Improve vignettes

cowplot 0.4.0

Major changes: - Added a function switch_axis_position() which can move/copy the x and/or y axis of a plot to the other side - plot_grid() can now align graphs - plot_grid() can now make grids with varying column widths and row heights

Other changes: - Various improvements in the documentation - Code has been separated into multiple files for easier maintenance

cowplot 0.3.1

Fix Vignette title

cowplot 0.3.0

First complete implementation ready for initial release