combiroc 0.3.4 - July 4, 2023

This version is aimed at CRAN submission: small edits and variations were made to make it pass the R-CMD-check –as-cran testing, and presubmission CRAN checks have been solved.

Please note that (differently from previous CRAN release) the min_SE and min_SP arguments of markers_distribution() function have now a default value = 0. This means that no threshold values are imposed to SE or SP to be included in the data.frame that contains the coordinates of the above computed ROC.
Thus if the user does not set up any threshold, all SE and SP values are taken into account.

combiroc 0.3.3 - July 1, 2023

combiroc 0.3.1 - June 28, 2023

Minor changes for vignette knitting consistency and smaller bugs on dependencies. Namespace and demo datasets related problems were solved. Documentation consistency between package and second version of preprint was checked and further enforced.

combiroc 0.3.0 - June 12, 2023

This version of combiroc package enforces the full-fledge single cell RNAseq workflow. The scRNAseq workflow vignette has been thoroughly expanded and updated. This version is synchronized with the most updated version of the biorXiv preprint (the “less is more” version)

combiroc 0.2.3 - Aug. 13, 2021

This version of combiroc package is the quasi-stable version ready for CRAN submission

combiroc 0.2.2 - Aug. 12, 2021

combiroc 0.2.1 - Aug. 10, 2021

combiroc 0.2.0 - Aug. 8, 2021

combiroc 0.1.0 - July 2021