SimMultiCorrData 0.2.2

  1. Fixed error in formation of intermediate matrices with findintercorr2.
  2. Fixed check for repeated continuous distribution when using method = “Fleishman”.
  3. Updated citations.
  4. Fixed function/package links in documentation.
  5. Added automated testing with ‘testthat’ package.

SimMultiCorrData 0.2.1

  1. Updated calc_theory() and plotting functions which call it to permit pdf specified by fx, lower, and upper.
  2. Adjusted rcorrvar() and rcorrvar2() summary of continuous variables when using method = "Fleishman".
  3. Fixed error in rcorrvar(), rcorrvar2(), valid_corr(), valid_corr2(), and error_loop() to permit 0 or 1 continuous variables.
  4. Updated calc_lower_skurt() for case of non-convergence when applying Six vector with method = "Polynomial".
  5. Added lower and upper parameters to plot_cdf() to use as inputs for cdf_prob().

SimMultiCorrData 0.2.0

  1. Fixed error in findintercorr2() so now you can generate 1 ordinal variable using correlation method 2 (with rcorrvar2()).
  2. Fixed error in chat_nb() so you can use size (success probability) and mu (mean) parameters for Negative Binomial variables when using correlation method 1 (with rcorrvar1()).
  3. Updated find_constants() and calc_lower_skurt() (to remove duplicate rows in solutions before executing pdf_check()) in order to decrease computation time.
  4. Updated rcorrvar(), rcorrvar2(), valid_corr(), and valid_corr2() to check for identical continuous distributions before calculating the power method constants in order to decrease computation time. If a distribution is repeated, the constants are only calculated once.
  5. Made the following updates to error_loop() and error_vars():
  1. Updated the Overview of Error Loop vignette to reflect above changes.
  2. Fixed ifelse() statement in choice of update function for ordnorm() (affects negative correlations only).
  3. Made the following updates to calc_theory():
  1. Made the following updates to plot_pdf_theory(), plot_sim_pdf_theory(), and plot_sim_theory():
  1. Added extra ggplot2 parameters to the graphing functions to allow control over the appearance of the legend, axes labels and titles, and plot title.
  2. Changed the example in the Overall Workflow for Data Simulation vignette.
  3. Changed the examples in the rcorrvar() and rcorrvar2() documentation.
  4. Updated documentation to some of the functions.

SimMultiCorrData 0.1.0

Initial package release.