Open Bodem Index Calculator (OBIC)

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This R package can be used to calculate the Open Bodem Index (OBI). The OBI is a tool that evaluate the soil of agricultural fields based on four main criteria: chemical, physical, biological and management. These four criteria consist of more than 21 indicators to get a comprehensive picture of the soil. More information about the Open Bodem Index can be found at Open Bodem Index.


# Install from latest stable version from CRAN

# Or install the development version from GitHub

# Load the OBIC package in your script

Previous releases of OBIC can be found at releases section on the GitHub repository.


Documentation of the R functions in the OBIC package can be found here

More information

The Open Bodem Index (OBI) is a collaboration between Wageningen UR, NMI and FarmHack in collaboration with agricultural experts. The Open Bodem Index Calculator is a tool used by the OBI and developed by NMI.

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