To cite LocalControl in publications use:

Lauve NR, Nelson SJ, Young SS, Obenchain RL, Lambert CG (2020). “LocalControl: An R Package for Comparative Safety and Effectiveness Research.” Journal of Statistical Software, 96(4), 1–32. doi:10.18637/jss.v096.i04.

Corresponding BibTeX entry:

    author = {Nicolas R Lauve and Stuart J Nelson and S Stanley Young
      and Robert L Obenchain and Christophe G Lambert},
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      Effectiveness Research},
    journal = {Journal of Statistical Software},
    year = {2020},
    volume = {96},
    number = {4},
    pages = {1--32},
    abstract = {The LocalControl R package implements novel approaches
      to address biases and confounding when comparing treatments or
      exposures in observational studies of outcomes. While designed
      and appropriate for use in comparative safety and effectiveness
      research involving medicine and the life sciences, the package
      can be used in other situations involving outcomes with multiple
      confounders. LocalControl is an open-source tool for researchers
      whose aim is to generate high quality evidence using
      observational data. The package implements a family of methods
      for non-parametric bias correction when comparing treatments in
      observational studies, including survival analysis settings,
      where competing risks and/or censoring may be present. The
      approach extends to bias-corrected personalized predictions of
      treatment outcome differences, and analysis of heterogeneity of
      treatment effect-sizes across patient subgroups.},
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