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This package is a framework for sharing guides, examples, and functions here at EpiForsk. It is primarily managed by ADLS and KIJA, but is intended to be a collaborative effort and we encourage sharing your hard earned code snippets.

Installation & Use

To install the package write


And to load the package write



The package is available on CRAN.

What is already in the package

The package is (hopefully) constantly under development, and to see all content currently available in the package use

help(package = "EpiForsk")

What is suited for the package

There is a strict ban on any and all individual level information! Your code and examples should strive to be as general as possible to avoid project and person specific information.

Highly specialized code is allowed in the package, but we strongly encourage you to make it useful to your colleagues by striving to strip it of project specific details, allowing for generally transferable ideas to shine through.

A high priority is to have the package hosted on CRAN, which imposes certain limitations on it. One such is its size, which is currently limited by CRAN at 5 MB. As the popularity of this initiative (hopefully) grows, we may reconsider what will be allowed in the package.

There are two main formats for contributing:


Vignettes are a loose format guide with both description text and examples. In vignettes we share examples of typical data management, analysis methods, and other blog/article style walkthroughs.


Functions automate common tasks the frequently occur in our daily work. These will work as any other functions made available by other packages in R. However, the goal is not to make the sleekest, fastest and most efficient versions of these functionalists, but rather implement functionalists tailored to our specific needs.

How to contribute

We encourage you to write your contribution yourself. To get started, read the “contributing” vignette. If this is out of scope, you are welcome to contact ADLS or KIJA and we talk about possible solutions.

Requirements for contributions

The package MUST be self-sufficient. This means that any data you wish to use in your examples should either be simulated in the example (preferred) or made available as a dummy data set within the package (only if small).

In general we follow Hadley’s guide for package writing, and this book contains a plethora of good advice.


As the package must comply with the CRAN check rules all functions must have a documentation. Moreover, we require that this documentation is made via Roxygen2 and contains one or more examples.


So far we have no formal requirements for vignettes.